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Who we are

We are experts in corporate communications in the infrastructure sector

Through many years of experience in creating content, we develop collaborative and long lasting relationships with our clients.


Within Tandem, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, we work as a team because we know each plays a part in delivering a successful project.


There is a single point of contact between the client and the Tandem Creative team. This means that communication is clear and consistent. Where free-lancers (e.g. cameramen) are used we select from a list of people we have used many times before – our supply chain is short and the relationships that underpin it are long-standing.

We work in highly security-sensitive sites: air-side at airports, or complex construction sites such as within tunnels when tunnel-boring is underway and appreciate the requirement for safety for both ourselves and work-force around us.

Programmes have covered subjects as diverse as the breakthrough of the Channel Tunnel, detailed heart surgery techniques, awards events, and time-lapse of the installation of Olympic Rings at Heathrow Terminal 5.

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