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Video production

Client Case Study:  Heathrow Airport Ltd


The brief:

To put on a live video event for around 1500 people airside at Heathrow in the vast north basement construction site to celebrate the "topping out" of Terminal 2B.  Here PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and airside passes were required.


Our Solution:

We created a programme from material we shot over the preceding  2 years to provide a celebratory programme.  This communicated praise to the workforce and thanks for a project well done. The video also highlighted the great diversity and scale of the work.  This was also emphasized using a further time-lapse video drawing from seven time-lapse cameras we installed on site over the preceding 2 years.  We also captured the event on video, and provided audio-visual services for the event.

Our Client's Response:

“Well done on a wonderful event this morning to celebrate. It was very well organised, planned and executed. The videos were especially good and the ad hoc cheering was a bonus to put a smile on the faces of everyone there. Please convey my thanks to everyone who put so much hard work in to it. They should be very proud of the outcome and I am sure the feel good glow in the workforce will last for a long time.”

Case study design for print
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