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Just a few of our public sites 

Most of our time-lapse installations are private and of course we always respect the privacy of our clients. However we have a few sites that we can show.


For each, the date range can be selected, and individual time-points shown.  The site shows a low resolution 'preview' image if playing through as a time-lapse montage, but if paused the high resolution image will rapidly load.  This is not video, but rather a rapidly loading series of individual images. To create video we download and render to HD or 4K video format.


Selecting the ''compare tool'' and two time points allows a before and after comparison of a discrete section of the view.  This is a great way to analyze the change in the scene over time. Please scroll down to see the links.

Time-lapse photography
Time-lapse photography
Time-lapse photography
Gatwick Airport Ltd

One of many time-lapse installations at Gatwick, this shows a view of the Skybridge, from the roof of Pier 3.

Lowestoft Coast Protection

Here an important coastal defence project at Lowestoft, performed by Coastal Partnership East is captured. Two views are given.

Heathrow Living Wall

In this project we captured the growth and then installation of a living wall at Heathrow T3, gate 25. 

Time-lapse demo sites
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