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Client Case Study: Gatwick Airport


The brief:

To deliver a means of capturing and communicating a sense of the constant activity of operations at Gatwick Airport, throughout the year and through all weather conditions.


Our solution:

We developed and installed timelapse solutions both long and short term. The long term system captured images every 5 minutes 24hrs a day for 1 year and uploaded to our website. We used short term timelapse around the airport to capture the daily activity. We then created short porgrammes with selected activity to show the airport's operation in snow, over the Easter weekend (one of the busiest in the year) and at night for wider dissemination by the client. Have a look at our time-lapse demo page, to see some of the sequences of images taken from this time-lapse view.


Our Client's Response:

“As we are a 24/7 operation, the time-lapse web system allows us to monitor and capture constant airport activity, making it easy to identify, and then share, key stories both internally and externally. With the increasing demand for short-burst clips and audio-visual 'hooks' across social media platforms, we have used Tandem for a number of high impact time-lapse campaigns around aircraft movements and infrastructure projects, helping us to deliver core visual messaging or drive audiences toward additional sources of information.”

Case study design for print
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