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We can compress time to bring your project to life

We have been producing high quality time-lapse since 1988, with experience across hundreds of successful projects, ranging from the Channel Tunnel to construction of Heathrow Terminal 2.

Time-lapse films may be used as creative and engaging promotional tools or as a supervising tool to document project progress.

Our newest systems employ cutting edge technology to generate greater than HD quality images and video.


Images are captured by dslr cameras controlled by bespoke and resilient hardware and software. Captured images are stored on mirrored hard drives on board the system and additionally are uploaded via the 3G network to a dedicated and secure password protected website.  Is is also possibe to have more than one camera controlled by a single system.  Power can come from site 110v or mains 240v supplies or even solar panels for a completely stand-alone solution.


Stored images are downloaded and rendered to video format for inclusion in promotional media. This system can be used to document and monitor your project or event from start to finish.  Our web app enables zoom and pan inside the view and also a 'compare' function showing the change on a site between any two selected dates.

Pricing is competitive and clients have frequently opted to use a system for months or years at a time. Contact us to discuss the right system for your project.

Contact us to discuss your

time-lapse requirements.

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