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We work with you to create the best solution to meet budget and deadlines

How we work

We always interrogate the brief – both from a creative viewpoint and from a logistical practical viewpoint of minimising risk, and controlling costs.


We work from the plan agreed with the client. This defines the milestones and deliverables, and also identifies the assumptions or requirements (permissions to film for instance), that, if not met, become 'risks' to successful delivery.


Where filming is required, we schedule site visits, making sure we have permissions from site managers to be on site, and time before shooting commences for safety-inductions.  Following a shoot media is duplicated, backed up to a secure office NAS system, and then transcoded to .mov format for editing.

Interim edits of all video, (whether animation based or live action and animation), are made available to the client via our private Vimeo account. This gives the client a sense of what has been captured and how subjects are coming across. Music choices and animations can also be showcased and refined.


Projects can change - schedules within the construction industry particularly, are often fluid in the short-term – an infrastructure 'lift' may be delayed or brought forward, deadlines can tighten or new content may need to be generated. We understand this and will work with you to meet deadlines and budgets.


All material and assets are stored on a secure mirrored NAS archive unless otherwise requested. This means that assets (e.g. logo animation or footage) can be reused for consistency, and to control costs.

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