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Video production

Client Case Study: Heathrow Airport Ltd


The brief:

To create an informative, yet engaging induction programme for new starters at Heathrow Airport’s main office building: the Compass Centre. We were asked to come up with ideas that were different to the norm.


Our Solution:

To write a fully scripted narrative, with actors playing the role of the new starter and manager. We shot this in an innovative way, using steadicam and a fly on the wall approach. We deliberately did not include statistics and figures to complicate the message, rather we let the actors tell the story in an informal and relaxed manner, which made the content much more engaging and digestible for the audience.


Our Client's Response:

“…both parties confirmed the content of the programme is excellent… I have…review[ed] the DVD, of which I am fully satisfied with the quality and product.”

Case study design for print
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